Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday Brunch: What to read from Agatha Christie

Hello, dearest! This is my very first post and as I intend to refer to it: the Sunday Brunch. Basically, this is going to be a reoccurring post each Sunday, dedicated to books for your leisure time. As I didn’t fancy calling it just ‘the Sunday Post’ (quite a few obvious reasons against it), I decided to add a cheeky little ‘brunch’ to it…after all everyone enjoys a brunch really! So, there you have it!

Well, what is the best author to enjoy in your free time with a cup of tea? To me, Agatha Christie immediately springs to mind! And accidentally, this week I found myself reading another one of her books while I was relaxing in a cafĂ© (ah, a favourite part of my days!). The Queen of Crime, as she is widely known, is the perfect choice as her writing is easy to read and captivating. There is something in her books that just makes them addicting – I, myself, am an Agatha-addict, and there is no hope for me – no turning back now! Even though her novels are relatively short, her characters are always so well developed that you feel like you are part of the stories, as if you personally know them. And naturally, we have Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple – two brilliant, but quite different, detective minds: two of the most charming elements in her books.

In the bookstore next door: Agatha Christie is an author easy to find

Thankfully, Agatha Christie has written quite a lot – in terms of detective stories, there are 66 novels and 14 short story collections! There are too many things that could be said in a single blog post, which is why I am only going to briefly mention a few titles.

Firstly, I will always recommend to first-time Christie readers one of her most famous novels - Murder on the Orient Express. You get Poirot at his very best, and a case so complicated, the simplicity of its twist is going to shock you and haunt you for quite a while, I daresay! Plus, the scene of the crime is a train, full of a rich assemble of colourful characters, making this book an instant page turner.

Now, a title that I will always love as this is the first book of Agatha Christie’s I have ever read – Cat Among the Pigeons. A teacher is murdered at the Meadowbank School for Girls, and the murderer is not only someone living in the premise of the school, but a cold-blooded killer who is not afraid to strike again. Beautifully written, this is the ultimate story for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, that will keep you guessing 'till the very end.

A reading date with my man: coffee, cake and a book are a must

Lastly, the book I was actually reading the other day, and that inspired this post, was They do it with mirrors. I have to admit, this time I instantly figured who the murderer was and how he did it (something I can rarely say with Christie’s novels), but this does not mean I didn’t enjoy the book. In two words, Miss Marple visits an old friend, whom she is worried for. Her worries significantly deepen when a murder is performed while all guests to the house are gathered in the Great Hall. But who has the motif and the opportunity to kill?

I could write a lot more about Agatha Christie, but this will have to wait as I don’t want to write a post too long for this lazy Sunday evenings. In the meantime, do let me know: what Agatha Christie novel is your favourite?

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