Friday, 1 August 2014

Italian Summer

While travelling across Italy and indulging into such traditional pleasures as drinking wine under the sun in Tuscany, or shopping on the streets of Florence, I couldn't help but remember all the various films set in that beautiful country. Films that make you wish you could immediately teleport yourself to the gorgeous scenery you see on the screen.

And what about books? I remember reading Astrid Lindgren's Katy in Italy years ago, when I was a young girl, wishing I could visit the same places, see the same things. Basically, wishing I could be Katy, freely enjoying my time in sunny Florence.

Fast forwards to a few months ago, when I first noticed Nicky Pellegrino's books in my local library, and this feeling was instantly revived. When in Rome and The Food of Love Cookery School turned into instant favourites. The way she describes life in Italy is warm and lively just like her stories. The characters are engaging, but it is the ancient city of Rome or the marvellous island of Sicily, that creates that gorgeous atmosphere - that feeling that you want to visit every little place mentioned.
I recall reading about the Italian wonders briefly in The Count of Monte Cristo -  a marvellous description of the mystery of Italian streets. 

What about you? What books situated in Italy would you recommend? 

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