Monday, 8 December 2014

5 Best: Book Accessories

A good book accessory is to a reader, what a MAC brush is to a girl - makes the whole experience more convenient. And by book accessories I mean all those little things that are there to enhance one's reading time - pretty bookmarks, little booklights and all sorts of different gadgets. 

Since Christmas is upon us, those also make great budget buys and you should definitely consider adding them to your shopping list. Especially if you are thinking what to get a book lover - those cute little accessories make the perfect stocking fillers. Stationary makes perfect gifts, people!

Pretty bookmarks

As an avid reader, I have to say a nice bookmark can change the whole reading experience! I always pick up some of the free ones that you could find in the likes of Waterstones and Foyles, in my local library, or even at the cinema (you would be surprised at how many cash tills you can find a block of free bookmarks).
However, if you decide to actually pay for one of those, then your choices are getting even wider. For example, for the history addicts there are these kings and queens bookmarks, while for the Harry Potter fans there are these gorgeous Hogwarts bookmarks.
If you want to get a child into reading (or you already know one that is a bookworm) - try getting them one of those cute, furry book-tails - they come in different animals and are simply adorable.
If you want to go a step further: you love gadgets and you often read foreign literature - there are bilingual electronic dictionary bookmarks, too! 

Little booklights

Now those are seriously cute and even more seriously practical. Mainly because it doesn't matter where you are and what time of the day you choose to be reading (to be honest, in England right now, any time past 3pm requires some sort of artificial lightning! That is unless you are a bat and you can see in the dark, in which case, no, you don't really need that booklight, do you?). When I saw those tiny booklights in Waterstones, I knew they would be my best friend!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you possess of a lot of books, bookends you will need. This is why, in a true Christmas spirit you should get your book lover some fancy bookends for those big bookshelves of his/hers. For some great choice, check out KnobCreekMetalArts on Etsy - among my personal favourites are this Swan one and this Brilliant one!

Reading Journal

Reading journals are a must for serious book readers - or at least for the ones who are very organised and like to keep track of everything they read. This would be a perfect gift all year round, but especially for Christmas as the beginning of the new year makes a great start to a new journal. This one from The Literary Gift Company is perfect as it has sections for rating and reviewing the book, as well as "Reading Trees" to fill in. Here is a more classic one and here is another lovely Book Lover's Journal.

Kindle Covers

Now, books come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of the book lovers of today choose to read from a tablet. A perfect gift for such a person is a cover - one that looks a lot like an actual book for the traditionalists, or maybe a floral leather one for the girly readers. Really, when it comes to those, the internet is your oyster - there is plenty of choice for those who are looking. To help you further here are three more : a Terry Pratchett one, a Wuthering Heights one, a Kate Spade one. And endless pages of pretty kindle cases here.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I do like making lists, but this week I will be back with my more book-specific posts and reviews.

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