Monday, 20 April 2015

Would You Rather: Travel Edition

So, I saw this lovely tag over at Tea Was Here  and really liked the questions, so thought I should give it a go, too! If you want to get to know me a bit better travel-wise, then keep on reading.

Q: Have a $10,000 budget for a holiday and you can either fly first class for $5,000 and stay in mediocre accommodation. Or spend $1,000 on economy and stay in luxury accommodation?
A: I can definitely deal with flying in economy, I am used to it anyway. So, I will take the luxury accommodation, thank you very much. And that holiday will probably have to be in Paris - $9.000 seem about enough for a couple of days in luxury there. Seriously, the city of lights is what people mean when they say the best things in life are actually pretty expensive :P

Q: An all expenses paid trip to a small town in the UK with your best friends or an all expenses paid trip to your dream destination with your frenemy?
A: Sorry, my dear friends, but dream destination wins every time. An all expenses paid trip to a lovely place like the South of France, Morocco, or the Maldives - for some reason, I do not think that me and that frenemy of mine would have an awful lot to fight about (also, I obviously could not choose just one dream destination, 'cause I want to go everywhere so there is that). 

Q: Never take the train or never take the airplane again?
A: I can easily say goodbye to the train. It's nothing personal really, but there are only so many places where it could take me. For everything else, planes are a lot more convenient and fast. How else could I get to Australia?

Q: Spend a full day with a thief or with a beggar?
A: A thief - I can imagine it would be quite an enlightening day and I could always use a few tricks up my sleeve.

Q: You have won a prize. The prize has two options, and you can choose either (but not both). The first option is a year in USA with a monthly stipend of 1,000. The second option is ten minutes on the moon. Which option do you select?
A: I love moving to new places, so going to the USA for a year, and getting money each month along the way, is what I would definitely go for. Ten minutes on the moon? It would either be amazing and then I would spent the rest of my life really disappointed that I was only there for a bit...Or it would turn out it's not such a great experience after all, and I will wonder what to do with the rest of the year I could have spent in the USA. Either way: no, thanks, moon, maybe another time.

Q: Wake up without your wallet or wake up without your passport and phone?
A: Bonus points if you wake up without your wallet, passport and phone. Yes, I have actually done it once after a heavy night of drinking at uni, when I *somehow* lost by bag in a club. So, yeah, waking up without any of those things, when you are studying abroad is not the best. No wallet, no ID, no phone. Bingo!


Q: Be left behind in the bush on an African safari or Be left behind in the water on a scuba trip?
A: Oh wow, how much was I drinking to get into a position where I had to choose between those two, possibly horrible deaths? I guess left behind on an African safari is a tiny bit better as I maybe stand a better chance of survival...maybe.

Q: Lose your luggage but land on time OR land 12 hours late with your luggage intact?
A: Easy: land 12 hours later with my luggage intact! I will find something to do with my time, like reading a book or two, and a magazine. Losing all my things? No, thank you, but this is my biggest concern when I travel.

Q: Bike across the US from New York City to San Francisco, or bike across China from Beijing to Tibet?
A: New York from San Francisco sounds better to me and my cycling abilities. I do not think I am fit enough to cycle to Tibet, although I am sure the spiritual reward would be far greater. Till then I will have to satisfy my consumerism needs and choose sunshine, smoothies, cocktails and shopping while cycling from NY to San Francisco.

Q: Be able to teleport to places you’ve already been or only be able to teleport to places you’ve never been before?
A: Ok, for me - this one is the hardest question. I think I would have to go with places I've never been before - that way I will get to teleport more and explore a lot more places. As for places I have already been to (looking at you, Paris), I will save a lot of money from teleporting to the new places, allowing me to travel the old-fashioned way to my old favourites ;)

Q: Be stuck on a seven-hour delay, or Turn up at the airport and realise your flight is tomorrow?
A: Hm I could imagine going to the airport the day before would result in a lot of unwanted hassle - like going back and worrying for a place to stay in for an extra night? Be stuck on the actual airport, but knowing my flight is in seven hours sounds more manageable - I can find how to entertain myself on the airport (ok, this did sound a bit dodgy).

Hope you enjoyed my answers, feel free to copy the tag and let me know in the comment section so I can read your answers, too :) So, what is your biggest travelling dilemma?

Here is the original post: Tea Was Here . 


  1. Great tag, loved to read this! (: I would also say no to trains, but because I love planes so much
    Nati xx

  2. Great read :)


  3. Glad you enjoyed it hah I understand you perfectly, I love flying too :) xx

  4. Thanks, glad you liked it :) xx

  5. Love these! It was fun to think of my answers...mine were generally pretty similar to yours!

  6. I really enjoyed answering the questions! I think I might start doing tags more regularly now :D xx