Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Lifestyle Favourites

Here is what I have been loving in April - the teas that have been accompanying my books, the lunch boxes that have saved me after a hard day at work or long day shopping. Simply put: my April lifestyle favourites.


Basically: I love &otherstories. Their body care is spot-on - great quality for a great price. And as soon as you enter their beauty section and smell all the amazing scents they have on offer (and there are quite a few of them), you cannot simply walk away. Let's put it like this: when there is a lovely body lotion that smells of Belleville Bakery and comes at the amazing price of £7 , it would just be rude not to!
However, this past month I made a discovery thanks to A Little Opulent - the Fig Fiction range is my definite new favourite as it smells divine! A fresh mix of plump currant berries, pink pepper and wild fig, this is a scent that is going to bring your body care experience on a whole new level! Apart from being very fresh, there is some sweetness to it as you can sense the Brazilian rosewood and dark plum coming through as well. As for the hand soap in particular - it leaves my hands feeling so soft that I hardly need to follow up with a hand cream, and costs just £4! Win and win.

The Book

Choosing only one book a month is almost impossible, but in April I have been loving Rodin by Bernard Champigneulle in particular. Got this book exactly a year ago from the Musée Rodin's gift shop. I started reading it a few months back, mainly on the underground as I found it to be the perfect read when I am on the go. Rodin is one of my favourite sculptors and learning more about his life was a great experience. Needless to say, a review is coming soon.

The Tea

A lifestyle list of mine would never be full without a mention of a hot beverage. In April I found a new favourite tea and that got me very excited (I've been living in England for four years now, okay?). PG tips Spices and Mint smells divine, tastes divine and makes me feel divine, too! I usually have it at night before bed as I am watching something on Netflix or reading a book, and believe me, the whole experience is enhanced thanks to it! Definitely my tea recommendation of the month if you like sweeter infusions that make you feel warm, cosy and relaxed from the inside.

The Perfect Healthy Lunch

One of the many great things about London is the huge choice of places to eat - not just in terms of restaurants and pubs, but also when in need of a quick bite in your lunch breaks or after work. Although I do love a bit of Pret, this month I have discovered Pod. A place dedicated to healthy fast-food, it immediately got my attention with its huge choice of fresh, seasonal meals including sandwiches, salads, baguettes, and sweet treats. Here, I went for the meal deal and got a lovely wholegrain baguette with bacon, a pack of truly fiery and delicious healthy popcorn and a can of dirty coke (not so healthy but I was boiling and craving a coke).

The Perfect Lunch Box

By now you should know I need to mention food at least twice when I discuss my daily life...Long story short, I was having a long day of shopping and strolling the streets from Covent Garden, up Regent Street and down Oxford St (poor me) with a friend of mine, when we both needed to grab a bite before getting on the underground. This is how we decided to give Kimchee a go - I have passed by this Korean place, just a seconds away from Tottenham Court Road station, many a times, but this was the first time I actually went in. After spending absolute ages deciding what to get, since everything looked so tempting, I went for a Chargrilled Chicken salad and my favourite Aloe Vera drink, and called it a day. However, will definitely return to try some of their hot meals.

The tv programme

April marks the time when favourite tv programmes come back with their brand new series. I am going to keep it brief as there are a lot of my favourites that made a come back. Firstly, there is Mad Men's final season which is making me really sad and I do not want to talk about it. Secondly, Game of Thrones is finally back with its fifth season - again, I rather not talk about it as some final events in last Sunday's episode did upset me. All in all, I like watching shows that make me suffer so I only saw it appropriate to go back to Pretty Little Liars and catch up with all the seasons I have missed. So, this is the show I have been binge watching in April, and yes, you guessed it right, I do not wanna talk about that one either.

The film

So many films out there, which one to watch? If you love British series (just like me) and you were a fan of BBC's Spooks there is only one option and that is Spooks: The Greater Good. It comes out on the 8th of May nationwide and it is worth a watch - believe me, it manages to capture the spirit of the series. More on why to watch it, here is a shameless link to my review.

Now, you tell me: what have you been enjoying in April?


  1. Stephanie Fraser6 May 2015 at 04:07

    I need to try that tea! Having a bit of a tea moment and that sounds like something I'd like.

    Also Game of Thrones... I cannot wait a week for the next episode! It's too good (and heart-wrenching). xx


  2. It's a bit sweeter than a mint tea with a touch of cinnamon=delicious :D

    I knooow, I love it but I know it's going to make us suffer this season, apparently we should prepare for an even bigger blood bath than usually...oh,dear :D


  3. i'm also "game of the thrones" addicted... and it's horrobile for me to wait for the next episodes... nice article :)
    greetings! :)
    Vivi :)


  4. I've heard a lot of good things about & Other Stories beauty stuff, I definitely need to give it a go!

    Dimples Diaries // Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I know, I definitely lack the patience to wait a whole week between episodes! I really cannot wait for the next one, I want Jon Snow to finally agree and go to Winterfell with Stannis haha xx

  6. You definitely should! I am very impressed with the quality considering the affordable pricing! I haven't tried their makeup yet but apparently it is good as well.. xx

  7. haha agree with u ^^ i also want to Jon Snow agree with Stannis proposition^^

  8. That lunch box looks AMAZING!! I could do with one of those right now. Sophie xxx

  9. Healthy and delicious! You really can't go wrong there :) xx