Monday, 1 June 2015

May Lifestyle Favourites

May was a bit of a hectic month for me as I have been pretty busy at work, and not to mention at home, too, as me and the Boy are house-hunting at the moment, since we need to move out by the end of June. Needless to say, days are stressful! However, there are still a lot of things I enjoyed in May, and for every stressful day, there were two lovely ones. So, in a true blogger's fashion, here are my May lifestyle favourites!


My Naked 3 palette has been my best friend ever since I picked it up last summer from Paris (from the Sephora on Champs-Élysées , right on my birthday, of course). My favourite palette hands down  - so versatile that it can work in every situation; great pigmentation, good value for money. Basically, I am not telling you anything new here, the Naked palettes have been praised by many. This May, I have used mine on every occasion so it is featured in my monthly favourites for a reason!

The Book (s)

I am going to mention two books: Markus Zusak's The Book Thief and Hannah Fielding's Indiscretion. Those two are definitely the books that I have enjoyed the most reading in the past month. I have already expressed in my review for The Book Thief why I enjoyed it, and later this week I am going to publish by thoughts on Indiscretion as well, so stay tuned.  Both books are page turners, though for quite different reasons. While The Book Thief is a gripping tale about life in Nazi Germany, Hannah Fielding's book tells a passionate story about a young woman whose life changes completely as she travels to Spain. I haven't read a romance novel in a while, so this was definitely a welcome distraction before bed and I cannot wait to tell you more about it!

The Food

Foodwise, this has been a month of extremes (as per usual). Although I am trying to stay healthy, there is still the occasional junk food, especially when you did not have time to go food shopping, so you absolutely needed to order Dominos/Pizza Hutt. Pictured above, we have a yummy sweet potato, avocado, quinoa and Bulgarian white cheese salad - my usual go to lunch meal. Right next to it is a lovely example of a greasy, yet totally delicious Pizza Hutt order, made late at night (the later, the better - am I right?).

The Drink

A massive fan of overpriced chains such as Starbucks and Costa, this May I have mostly spent my hard earned money in Nero. My drink of choice? This absolutely gorgeous Banana&Caramel Frappe which earns its place on my May favourites list due to its creamy sweetness and lovely aroma. However, Nero does have quite a nice selection, so I do try to spread it out a little and go for different flavours every time.

The Film

It seems like Converse were my shoes of choice, creeping up in a second pic in a row!

You might be aware that I am also a freelance journalist. As a culture writer for a London based website, I do get to go to press views of films before they were released to the public. This month two films stood out for me and lucky for you they are both going to be released in June, so you can go and watch them. First one is Slow West with my darling Michael Fassbender (full review of the film here), and second one is Spy with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Rose Byrne and Jason Statham. While the former offers a refreshing spin on the western, the later is a laugh-out-loud comedy that is going to entertain you from start to finish. I can recommend both of those films - Slow West boast stunning cinematography and great performances, while Spy is the female-led action comedy of the year we all needed. 

It's your turn now: what did you enjoy the most in May?

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