Monday, 22 June 2015

Sweet Overload: The Diner in Carnaby

There are not a lot of things that can get me quite as excited as a plate full of pancakes (one day I will dedicate a post to the other things that get a place on this list). So, obviously I had The Diner on my list of places to visit for quite some time. Those yummy instagram photos of huge burgers, chili cheese fries, french toasts, and stacks of pancakes, had me infinitely scrolling down and down and down my feed, getting hungrier with the progression of the pics, and more and more jealous of the people who got to eat those sublime portions of American-style comfort food.

My love for pancakes met its match in The Diner Soho one very sunny Spring afternoon in May - just in time for their new menu (this post has been long overdue obvs). So here is what me and the Boy ended up having.

First off the drinks: I opted for a Snickers Milkshake because I love a good Snickers and this is my all time favourite chocolate bar hands down. On a similar note, have you ever tried a divine scoop of Snickers ice cream? You should.

What I got was a traditional milkshake glass full of this chocolate/Nutella/peanut butter concoction plus a shaker filled with even more of this lovely drink. Needless to say I needed my boyfriend's help to finish that one as the sweetness overload was something I could not handle, especially not when I mixed it with....

Just look at those pancakes! American, flufy, sweet, gorgeous, buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped butter! If you don't know how obsessed I am with pancakes smothered in maple syrup than you know nothing, Jon Snow, because this has to be my most favourite breakfast thing in the entire wide world. And The Diner ones? They tasted like pure heaven - divine softness meets gentle sweetness and they have a crazy party in my mouth (okay enough of this, you can imagine how great the whole experience was).

If those pancakes are wrong, I do not wanna be right

What about the Boy? He was going to have the same but decided to opt for the Cholla French Toast  with custard, honey butter and maple syrup instead. I tried it, too, and I thought it was good as well although not nearly as good as the pancakes. He enjoyed it at first but then found it way too sweet and heavy and did not end up finishing it. Ultimately,  he regretted he did not get the pancakes. Well. tough luck, my darrrling!

Is it time for a cheeky little outfit pic? Here is what I wore for our casual diner-date ;)

Leather jacket Betty Barclay/Top Maison Scotch/Jeans Pepe Jeans/Nike Sky Hi/ Bag Michael Kors

Final thoughts? We are definitely going back to The Diner and I am keen to make it a regular thing. The prices are pretty good especially considering we are in London. Will definitely go back to try the burgers and the famous chili cheese fries, but I do not know how I will handle the temptation not to order pancakes again. Well, I guess next time I can actually share them as a dessert treat with the Boy - surely we can handle both burgers and a stack of pancakes? Will keep you posted on that one!

Have you been to The Diner yet? What is your favourite American style comfort food? Do let me know in the comment section below :)

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